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Marc Schwope
Management / CEO

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Wolfgang Schulz (Team management sales)
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Mobile: 0173/7520922

Jörg Michael Kosbab
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Mobile: 0173/6973032

Daniel Königshofen
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Marc Schwope
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Mobile: 0173/7520922

Wolfgang Schulz
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Wolfgang Schulz
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Mobile: 0173/7520922

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    Gripper request

    In order to be able to prepare a precise quotation for a gripping system for you, we need the following information from you:

    • Article data such as sample parts, sprues, WZ and part drawing, number of cavities and the article weight.
    • Demolding conditions such as removal side, undercut and pull-off forces.
    • Sprue conditions such as hot runner, tunnel sprue, spot sprue, film sprue, number, length, diameter and where to separate the sprue.
    • Cycle times
    • Handling conditions such as handling type, payload, axes, mechanical, electrical and air interface.
    • SGM space conditions such as tie bar spacing, clear width in the open cavity, ejector stroke, conveyor belt and machine layout.
    • Deposit and further processing conditions such as: Where to deposit, what needs to be checked and monitored and possible further processing steps such as screwing, riveting clipping.

    Please send your request to:

    We will also be happy to visit you and discuss the task with you in detail.

    Here you can find us

    AGS Automation Greifsysteme Schwope GmbH | Braunsberger Feld 15 | 51429 Bergisch Gladbach / Herkenrath | Germany

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