Sprue separation station

The sprue can be cut off directly in the process or in a separate station (manual workstation). Ideally, a basic frame is used with various interchangeable attachments. This saves time and money.

Cutting options:

  • Standard pneumatic cutting pliers
  • with knife blade on lifting unit
  • Punch
  • with milling spindle
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Manual workstation

Assembly technology

The assembly can be done manually at the manual workstation or completely automatically. We work out different systems together with you.

Test engineering

AGS inspection technology can be integrated directly into the process or seen as a separate station. The feeding of the components can be done by the worker or directly by the robot.

Testing options:

  • Presence of components
  • Right color
  • Component correctly sprayed
  • Dimension control
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Feeding solutions

Bushings, shafts, threaded inserts can be separated by a vibratory bowl or vibratory plate with camera system (IZS) and inserted into the injection mold by means of a gripper system.

Possibilities of singulation + feeding:

  • Vibrating bowl
  • Depot
  • Sliding table
  • Intelligent Feeding System and Camera (IZS)
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