End of Arm Tool (EOAT) Kit

End of Arm Tooling (EOAT) Kit PreciGrip

The PreciGrip EOAT Construction Kit was developed from years of experience in EOAT construction. The aim here is to build the EOAT in a 90 degree orientation of the EOAT Components, if possible, and to make only the active element such as the suction cup, the sprue gripper or the gripper finger adjustable. All components from the standard EOAT modular system are compatible with this.

  • No slot nut necessary
  • High stiffness
  • Only one tool necessary
  • Subsequent insertion of components possible at any time
  • 90 degree orientation

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Overview End of Arm Tooling (EOAT) parts

Channel Nut End of Arm Tool Kit

Our standard EOAT Construction kit is based on the well-known Channel Nut clamping profile 25/25. The components are compatible with the systems known to you with clamping diameters 10, 14, 20, 30. Here you get innovative components. These more than 2500 different components have been developed from practical experience through our own EOAT Construction.

  • Components from manufacturer
  • Special solutions possible at short notice
  • Innovative details

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Overview End of Arm Tool (EOAT) parts

End of Arm Tool (EOAT) Accessories

CadGrip 2.2 End of Arm Toll (EOAT) Configurator

The operation of this software is simple and intuitive.

Previous knowledge of operation, for example of a CAD system, is not necessary. CAD - Grip functions autonomously without the combined use of commercially available CAD software. The user can configure his gripper offline. "This eliminates the need to install software, which always leads to a high level of coordination with the IT department, especially in large companies. CAD Grip is delivered on a USB stick.
The application is started via an automatically executing file. Installation on the company computer is therefore not necessary.

System requirements: min. CPU: Intel Core i5/i7/i9, AMD Ryzen 5/7/9 from 2Ghz, Graphics: Dedicated graphics card (Geforce/Radeon), Memory: 4GB RAM, Windows 10


End of Arm Tool Construction - Montageboy

Simple rational gripper building with function control of the gripper.

  • EOAT quick-change system GWS-1 or GWS-2
  • Clamping device for the molded parts
  • Vacuum generation through integrated Venturi nozzle
  • Vacuum control through pressure gauge
  • Functional control of the active elements (such as fingers, pliers, etc.) via integrated compressed air valve
  • Centering aid - center of gripper = center of workpiece


EOAT Construction - starter set

EOAT Construction conversion sets PreciGrip System
For customers who already use gripper arms, suction pads, grippers, etc. from the competition. Contents: Profiles, profile accessories, profile connectors, clamps.

EOAT Construction Starter Set – PreciGrip System
For customers who want to start completely new with a EOAT System or with PreciGrip. Contents: EOAT Base Plates, PreciGrip profiles, profile connectors, clamping pieces, gripper arms, suction pads, grippers, pneumatic fittings, air hoses, etc.

EOAT Construction Starter Set – Standard System
For customers who do not yet have any system experience and are looking for the right start in EOAT Construction. Contents: EOAT Base plates, slot nut profiles, profile connectors, clamping pieces, gripper arms, suction pads, grippers, pneumatic fittings, air hoses, etc.

Starter set

EOAT Construction Training

Benefit from our know-how in EOAT Construction. Take part in one of the regularly held training courses. These are carried out with the EOAT Construction kit Standard as well as with the EOAT Construction kit PreciGrip.

  • Practical EOAT building with a system
  • Cost savings
  • In house training

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