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Robotic + End of Arm Tooling

Handling of
bagged goods

Production cell - Stacking of bagged goods with a
mechanical end of arm tool. A robot picks up the sacks from a gravity roller conveyor and automatically stacks them onto a Europallet according to the appropriate packing structure.

Automation - Grip
and insert fabric
- Pick up
fabricated parts

Handling of moulded parts. Stacked fabrics are separated and picked up individually before being introduced into the moulding process. The fabricated part is picked up by the same end of arm tool (rear).

Transport -
Conveyor belt -
Position recognition - Separation

On a conveyor belt, shafts are transported as bulk goods. A camera system recognises their position; a robot picks them up appropriately and passes them on to a shuttle system transporting the parts towards the moulding process.