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The Success Story

1983 ASS (Automations Systeme Schwope) GmbH founded by Franz Schwope

1984 Franz Schwope developed the Gripper Kit at a time when gripper systems
were still being designed and manufactured by costly processes and when the base frame
was made of steel pipes

1985 Development / patent: gripper fingers GFI

1986 Launch: C profile for the Gripper Kit

1990 Development and launch: X profile became standard for Grippers

1998 SAS (Schwope Automation Systems) Inc. founded by Franz Schwope

2002 SIC (Schwope Innovations Center) GmbH Developement Company founded

2003 Optimization of the Gripper Kit

2006 Production of complex gripper units using the laser sintering process

2009 AGS (Automation Greifsysteme Schwope) GmbH formed
         by Franz und Marc Schwope

2010 Relocation to the new company building

2011 Launch of the Gripper System PreciGrip

2013 Introduction Customer Portal / ISO 9001

2014 Design IZS Intelligent Feeding System

2015 Configuration Software CAD Grip 1.0

2016 Own laser sinter machine for manufacturing components in K-forming

2016 SCHUNK participates in gripper sytem specialist AGS

2017 Enlargement of the main building new office and production areas