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Supporting development aid

We support AGS Automation Greifsysteme Schwope GmbH’s founder, Franz Schwope, with his development aid project in Kitulikizi, Kampala, Africa.

Kitulikizi is a village of 1,000 people: red earth, wood-and-clay huts with corrugated sheet metal roofs, open-air cooking areas, a few animals, a few fields and a church. Water comes from a well and when the sun sets at seven in the evening, it gets dark in the huts -
there is no electricity here. A village like many others in Africa. But in five years, Kitulikizi will already be a model village; a village to visit for those who want to learn how things can be done differently. This is Franz Schwope’s vision.

It is Franz’s goal to improve this village’s living standard with the help of some hands-on assistance. Think of it as a business game - not on your computer, but in reality,
in the middle of the African bush.

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Images from left to right:

Building a nursery school; Franz Schwope micro credit system handing over a chain saw; several sanitary facilities installed; constructing a sawmill

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