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Gripper arm system - design with different heads

Gripper arm system - design with different heads

Become even more flexible in gripper construction. With 4 different gripper arms and 8 different heads you have 32 possibilities of installing and fasten suction cups, grippers and other important components from the AGS gripper kit. The heads are simply clamped onto the shaft.

-Gripping arms with round clamping
-Prism Clamp
-From rigid to sprung

Heads 90° for suction grippers, heads adjustable in angle for suction grippers, with prism for direct connection of gripping tongs at 90° angle, with prisms adjustable in angle for connecting gripping tongs at different angles.
You thus have a large cost saving in terms of storage and availability.

You can find more information in your customer portal or contact our technical sales department.