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Single-acting cylinder KHZ

Single-acting cylinder KHZ

Weight, size and cost are key elements in the development and design of gripping systems. The combination of several functions in one component was therefore a central development goal in the construction of the single-acting cylinder.

In difficult placement scenarios, for example, when a teat is to be placed on surfaces whose inclination exceeds 45 ° to the removal direction, lateral attachment is necessary. The previous standard solution with separate stroke can now be replaced by the single-acting cylinder at a lower weight, significantly cheaper.

The new component combines lifting and suction in one assembly: Suction cups, adapters with M5, 1/8 "and 1/4" threads can be screwed onto the extending piston. In addition, the cylinder can be extended with an extension from the AGS range.

The component is fastened to the gripper with a 20 mm round clamping piece, the position can be interrogated with the standard sensor.