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Needle Gripper

Needle Gripper

Needle grippers are found in many applications for handling textiles. AGS has now brought a needle gripper onto the market which in particular significantly simplifies the removal of a stack. With the double-stroke needle gripper type NAG-D from AGS you can safely separate individual layers of textiles from each other.
The first stroke is adjustable and penetrates only the uppermost layer to separate it from the stack. The second stroke extends the needles to full length to keep the fabrics safe during handling. This feature, combined with AGS 'typical lightweight construction technology, opens up completely new applications that previously required much more complex mechanics.

NAG-D double-stroke needle gripper
Your advantages:

- Light gripping unit
- Precise gripping of textiles
- Double stroke - for safe holding after the fabric removal
- Cylinder stroke adjustable
- Various attachments available
- Handling of fabrics, laid, prepreg, organo sheet ...

Link to the NAG-D