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Gripper Request

In order to be able to create an offer for a gripping system, we need the following information:

- Article data such as sample parts, sprues, tool and part drawing, number of cavities and the weight of the article.

- Demolding conditions such as removal side, undercut and demolding forces.

- Sprue conditions such as hot runner, tunnel gate, point gate, film gate, number, length, diameter and where the gate should be separated.

- cycle times

- Handling conditions such as handling type, load capacity, axis, mechanical, electrical and air interface.

- machine space conditions, such as spar spacing, clear width in the open mold, ejector stroke, conveyor belt and machine layout.

- Storage and further processing conditions such as: where is the part being placed, what must be checked and monitored and possible further processing steps such as screwing, painting or welding.

We would also be glad to visit you and discuss the project with you in detail.