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Channel Nut EOAT Kit

Our X-profile End of Arm Tool Kit based on the common channel nut clamping profile 25 / 25. The components are compatible with other systems that are in use under many brands with clamping diameter 10, 14, 20 or 30mm, but with innovative components. These over 1250 different components are based on our own experience of end of arm tool construction.

EOAT - End of Arm Tool Kit

Advantages :

  • Components from the manufacturer
  • Special solutions possible in a short time
  • Innovative details

Overview Gripper Parts - Standard

10 EOAT Quick Change System

AGS EOAT - Quick Change System

The Gripper Quick change systems are available in manual version as well as in semi-automatic version directly with Detachable pneumatics and electronics, as well as in fully automatic versions.

20 Profil Accessories

AGS EOAT - Profile Accessories

Her you find everything to connect profiles to each other.

30 Clamps

AGS EOAT - Clamps

Clamping parts in different styles. Threaded to mount the suction cups directly. Fixed and adjustable. Diameter of 10mm, 14mm, 20mm and 30 mm clamp diameter.

45 Gripper Arms For Functionelements

AGS EOAT - Gripper arms for Functionelemenst

Gripper arms to mount the functionelements. You can have this in 90° angle also adjustable or even spring loaded.

65 Gripper Fingers

AGS EOAT - Gripper Fingers

Here you find Gripper finger with the clamp diameter 14mm, 20 mm und 30 mm with different finger forms.

75 Sprue Cutter Blades

AGS EOAT - Sprei Cutter Blades

Sprue cutter blades with

different opening measure and angles

90 Air Accesories

AGS EOAT - Air accesories

Here you find a wide selection of fittings and tubing connectors.

97 Electronic

AGS EOAT - Electronic

Various Capacitive and Inductive proximity switches and sensors to monitor the presence of the components in the Gripper.

15 EOAT Profiles

AGS EOAT - Profiles

Here you will find standard end of arm tool profiles (with channel nuts) with the following dimensions:


10mmx18mm, 18mmx18mm, 10mmx25mm, 18mmx25mm, 25mmx25mm, 25mmx50mm,

40mmx40mm, 40mmx80mm,

25 Profile Connectors

AGS EOAT - Profile Connectors

Here is everything you need to connect profiles with each other.

From the simple to the drill
clamp connection.

40 Gripper Arms For Suction Cups

AGS EOAT - Gripper Arms for Suction Cups

Gripper ams from fixed up to spring loaded also non rotating

50 Suction Cups 

AGS EOAT - Suction Cup

Suction cups from oval to round, from 1 Bellows up to 3 bellows, form nitril over silicon to elastomer

60 Sprue gripper

AGS EOAT - Sprue Gripper

Various Grippers around the gate resistant grip. With different forms of smooth jaws to sawtooth.

These are also available with sensors.


70 Sprue cutter

AGS EOAT - Sprue Cutter

Spruecutter in different bodys. From singel actiong up to double acting

80 Special elements

AGS EOAT - Special elements

Here you finf stroke units, Neddelgripper, and centring elements

95 Air / Vacuum connector

AGS EOAT - Air/Vacuum connectors

If the Gripper build you need at the end the right air/vacuum connector