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EOAT System Symbiosis

Carbon can be combined with PreciGrip end of arm tooling system

The trend towards using ever lighter materials is continuing. New materials have long arrived
to the automation sector. For instance, carbon fibre-reinforced synthetic materials - in short: Carbon.

Here we offer standard components made of this particular material. In addition to sheet goods, round or square carbon tubes are available.

This material can now be combined easily with the AGS PreciGrip system. The relevant profile parts are glued to the desired standard profiles in a special process. For example, prisms may be glued on all four corners of a square tube. In practice, not only does the customer save up to 20% of weight in their automation solution as compared to ordinary systems, they can also use the operating comfort of PreciGrip.

One of the crucial advantages of PreciGrip, whose structure consistently uses 90° angles, is the simplified and practical later addition of elements. The AGS system focuses on the adjustability of subsequently added active elements such as suction cups, sprue grippers, or gripper fingers. The user does not need to remover other elements to accomplish this, shortening retooling time. PreciGrip is one hundred per cent compatible with other end of arm tool systems common in the market.