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EOAT Kit PreciGrip

The PreciGrip End of Arm Tool Kit was developed out of years of experience in EOAT construction. The concept is to assemble the components in perpendicular orientation whenever possible and make only the active element, such as the vacuum cups, the sprue gripper or gripper finger freely adjustable. All channel nut components are compatible.


- Without channel nut
- High stiffness
- Components can be added at any place
- Only one tool required
- 90 degree orientation

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Overview EOAT Parts - PreciGrip

10 EOAT Quick
Change System

AGS EOAT - Quick Change System

Gripper Quick Change
systems with Dovetail purely mechanically, round semi - automatic with air -. Clutch and electrics. All systems are made for Prismclamping.


20 Profile Accessories

AGS EOAT - Profile Accessories

From Endcaps to extra long clamps


30 Clamps

AGS EOAT - Clamps

Clamps with Roundclamping, prism clamp, and of course with ball joint.


45 Gripperarms for Function Elements

AGS EOAT - Gripperarms for Function Elements

Gripper arms with different heads to replace. Simple and Inexpensive.


60 Sprue Gripper

AGS EOAT - Gripper

Different types of grippers. From 8mm to 32mm piston. All with Roundclamping and of course with Prismclamping.


80 Special Elements

AGS EOAT - Special Elements

Stroke units via prism combined with each other. Needle grippers double stroke also in connection with prisms.


15 EOAT Profile

AGS EOAT - Profile

5 different Prismprofile.

Serie P13 and P22


25 Profile Connections

AGS EOAT - Profile Connetions

From 90 Connectors up 2 to 360° Connectors adjustable.


40 Gripperarm for Vacuumcups

AGS EOAT - Gripperarm for Vacuumcups

Gripperarm spring loaded also non rotating


50 Vacuum Cups

AGS EOAT - Vacuum Cups

Vacuum cups either oval or round, from 1 bellow up to 3 bellows, from Silcon over Nitril to Polyurethane


65 Gripper Finger

AGS EOAT - Gripper Finger

Gripper fingers with piston 16mm and 26mm, with different finger shapes, with query and Prismenklemmung.


95 Air - Vacuum Manifolds

AGS EOAT - Air/Vacuum Manifold

Compressed air connectors with 1 input and 2 outputs or 2 inputs up to 16 outlets