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FAQ Depending the gripper system

What is a gripper system ?
see Wikipedia - Link

What is the easiest way to calculate the price of a complete gripper or a robot hand ?

The customer portal supports you to choose the single moduls and calculates the lump sum price for you.

What vacuum cup do I have to choose, to prevent marks on the the gripped part ?

With the high performance vacuum cups HE it is possible to keep the part mark free - this cup should be cleaned with a acetone rag the for best result.

How do I calculate the weight of my projected gripper ?

By adding the weight listed at the customer portal it is easy to get the total weight.

Are the AGS gripper parts compatible to other parts on the market?

The AGS gripper parts are 100% compatible. The clamping diameters of 10, 14, 20 and 30mm are standard.

Can the newer PreciGrip system be used and connected together with older gripper systems ?

Yes, the advantages of PreciGrip can be implement in other systems.

How can I check if needed parts are available in stock?

The AGS customer portal is 24 hours 7 days a weeks available for your gripper parts order.

The availability status is reported there.

Is there a AGS APP ?

Yes - this APP includes the complete gripper parts catalog - also it is possible to scan QR codes with this app to order the parts easily.

Google Play Store - AGS product catalog

I Tunes APP Store - AGS produkt catalog

Is there a porogramm to configure/draw a gripper ?

Yes - the programm is called CADGrip - it ican be downloaded via the customer portal.

Link - customer portal