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Expansion Customer Portal

Expansion Customer Portal

In the course of 2017, the AGS customer portal was extensively revised and now offers a number of new functions for customers that make it easier to search and create gripping systems.

On the one hand, application examples have been added which include prefabricated modules such as basic frames or suction cups already assembled and with the required components as a parts list under the picture. Here, the customer quickly gets to know the entire gripper system and can go directly to the displayed component by simply clicking in the parts list.

As a further highlight, all articles were linked together. Clicking on the respective symbol direction for workpiece or direction Handling … immediately provides the customer with the appropriate components that can be used in one or the other direction. Thus, the customer can never unintentionally order parts that can not be assembled together.

For the 3D enthusiastic customers there is our CadGrip software for download in the customer portal. Here you can also easily put together all gripper parts as a 3D model and view it from all perspectives. Prefabricated gripper combinations are provided for import into CadGrip. When you're done you can export the corresponding components as an Excel document and upload it in the customer portal as Excel import again. The required components are directly available in the shopping cart.

Suggestions from customers for innovative new components as well as internal new developments can be found in the "Product Ideas" in the customer portal. In the case that articles are used frequently and should be integrated as a standard part, the product will be developed in 3D, tested internally and finally included in the AGS gripper set. So the customer can follow live from the first idea on how a new product is created.

To use the customer portal extensively you have to sign up. The link can be found on our customer portal homepage

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