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Microscope Camera

Bringing a system into service is not always a smooth process - during trial runs, critical details are often not quite clear. Imagine for example the end of arm tool taking out the parts and a vacuum gripper loses one part “somewhere”. The problem: you cannot see the spot - the distance is too large!

What is missing: a sharp look on the detail. Our moveable, freshly reworked monitoring system makes it possible. Attached to the end of arm tool, a high-performance microscope camera creates detailed picture sequences (reproduction ratio 1:1) of the ongoing process!

To match, we offer an optional WiFi adapter (WLAN) that transmits video sequences and images to your PC or smartphone without a cord, without delay and comprehensibly — maximum distance approx. 15 metres!

Accompanying holders and standard connectors facilitate quick position changes to take a different spot into view. This way many problems can be made visible, analysed and fixed.

Camera data: 1.3 mega pixels, object lighting, USB 2.0, standard image and video formats, Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP / MAC OS 10.4 and later

Distance (camera to object)
0 to max 1,2m

Resolution 1280 x 1024
Example: At a distance of 1m
A5 sheet is fully visible

Camera - live view over WLAN

Microscope Camera - USB connection

WLAN Modul