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Intuitive software for gripper configuration

AGS now provides an interactive configuration tool for demolding grippers.

The reproducible gripper assembly is an important component in a modern production environment for an automated and equally efficient production.

AGS, the specialist of automation, now offers a novelty for user:
The interactive configuration of gripper systems, which is all based on the CAD Program
CAD Grip 2.0.

Operating the program occurs easy by intuitive handling. Previous knowledge, for example of a CAD system, is not necessary. CAD Grip is functioning fully independent without a combined usage of any other CAD Software.

The user is able, to configure his own gripper offline. Software Installation becomes no longer necessary, which usually means, in particular for larger companies, a higher need for internal coordination with the IT-Division. CAD Grip comes on a USB-Stick. The application is automatically started by a self-executed file. Therefore an individual installation on your company computer is not necessary. “Operating is easy as pie.” The user imports his building components for an appropriate gripping and arranging. After that, it´s possible to choose gripper parts out of a various gripper modular system with “Drag and Drop” and arrange them systematically. At this point the software supports the user, as the building parts have snap points to allow a very simple and clear allocation. Once the snap point has been chosen, all the matching parts out of the entire AGS assortment are shown as a recommendation for construction. The user receives valuable tips for constructive alternative solutions as he proceeds. The virtual construction is performed controlled and optimized. The arrangement of the matching components is taken place automatically.

It will be shown on the screen, if the building part is in accordance with the automation solution. Therefore order mistakes are avoided from the very first step. That applies in particular for the mounting of the building parts in practice.

Is the configuration completed, the complying parts list will be exported to the AGS Customer Portal and is ready for instantly placing your order. The user will be provided with the appropriate format for his CAD-Software, as there is Inventor, Autocad, Solidworks, Proengineer or Catia, only to name a few. With this software, AGS also provides you with important details. For Example the weight will be automatically added up and the total weight of the end of arm tool will be shown to the user in the end.

Once you have created your own solution, you are able to reproduce this any time and several users can use it that way. The report proceeds by exporting and creating a PDF-file.

The grogram is available to download at the customer portal.